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Top Ten FAQ

  1. How long does it take for a rebate to be posted to my account after I have placed an order at a Mr. Rebates' store?
  2. How do I shop at a Mr. Rebates' store and earn cash back?
  3. Why am I being logged out of Mr. Rebates after successfully logging in?
  4. Can I still get a rebate if I forgot to click-through to a store at Mr. Rebates?
  5. Are orders placed via telephone or in-store purchases eligible for rebates?
  6. What happens if I exchange a product or make changes to an order?
  7. Do I have to do anything special when checking out of an online store from Mr. Rebates?
  8. What is the difference between "Pending Rebates" and "Available Rebates"?
  9. Can I use coupons featured at Mr. Rebates when I shop at your partner stores?
  10. Are purchases of gift cards or payment via gift cards eligible for cash back rebates?


  1. What is a claim?
  2. Why does a claim have to be opened for a missing cash back rebate?
  3. How long will my claim take?
  4. What if the merchant denies the claim?
  5. Can I appeal a denied claim?


  1. Can I use a coupon that I found outside of Mr. Rebates?
  2. Can I use a coupon displayed on the merchant's website?
  3. What about coupons that the merchant sends me directly?
  4. A coupon from Mr. Rebates is not working correctly. What should I do?
  5. After I checked out, I noticed your coupon didn't work. Will you credit my account?


  1. Are purchases of gift cards eligible for cash back rebates?
  2. Will I get a rebate if I pay with a gift card?
  3. Can I check out other websites after clicking through Mr. Rebates?
  4. I comparison shop, but I just open new browser tabs. That's okay, right?
  5. If I pay for an order in installments, will my rebate be affected?
  6. Can I get a rebate for a pre-order?
  7. If I purchase a subscription, will I get cash back each time it renews?
  8. Can I use more than one cash back program for a purchase?
  9. Are taxes, service fees or shipping eligible for rebates?
  10. Can I get cash back on warranties?
  11. I don't live in the U.S. or Canada. Will I get cash back on my purchases?

Gift Cards

  1. Can I get cash back if I use a gift card?
  2. Can I get cash back if I purchase a gift card?
  3. What if the gift card only pays for part of my order?


  1. What is the minimum payment amount to cash-out my rebates?
  2. How do I request a payment?
  3. When will I receive my payment after I have requested the payment?
  4. I confirmed the wrong address! What do I do?
  5. Will I pay fees if I receive my payment through Paypal?
  6. I live outside the US/Canada can I still get a check via postal mail?
  7. I live outside the U.S. Can I still receive funds via Paypal?
  8. What if my check does not get delivered correctly via the postal mail?
  9. What if I cannot locate my Paypal payment?
  10. What if I lose my check?


  1. I just finished a purchase. Why is't it showing up in my account?
  2. How long before the rebate appears in my account?
  3. Okay, it has been 30 days and my rebate has still not reported. Now what?
  4. What if my rebate amount is wrong?
  5. Why did my rebate zero out?
  6. Why did my eBay rebate zero out?
  7. Is there a limit to how much cash back I can earn?
  8. I see the word "Bonus" in red by a merchant's name. What does that mean?

Rebate Status

  1. What is the difference between "Pending Rebates" and "Available Rebates"?
  2. When will my rebates become "Available"?
  3. Why is there a wait for "Pending Rebates" to move to "Available"?
  4. It has been 90 days and my rebate is still "Pending". What should I do?


  1. How does the Mr. Rebates' Refer-a-Friend program work?
  2. What methods are provided for me to refer new members?
  3. Do I get referral rebates when my direct referral refers a new member?
  4. Can I refer myself?
  5. How do I know who I've referred?
  6. If people follow my referral link, do they have to input my email address too?
  7. I referred my friends, but I don't see them in my list.
  8. Many people are following my referral links, but I'm only credited with a couple of referrals. Why?
  9. I forgot to put in the email of the person who referred me. Is it too late?
  10. Why didn't I get a referral rebate on my friend's manual adjustment?
  11. How do I build a referral link to a specific page on Mr. Rebates?

Site Usage

  1. How do I get started with Mr. Rebates?
  2. How do I shop at a cash back store?
  3. I want to place multiple orders at a store. What is the best way to insure cash back tracking?
  4. Will surfing online for coupons or other deal sites affect cash back tracking?
  5. Are orders placed via telephone eligible for cash back rebates?
  6. Where do I find my cash back rebate account balance?
  7. After I click through to a store, how long is the shopping session open to earn cash back?


  1. I can't find one of your stores. Where did it go?
  2. Why won't a store link work correctly?
  3. My order was never delivered to me. Can you contact the store?
  4. Can you add my favorite store to your site?
  5. Does each store have different restrictions?

Technical Issues

  1. Why aren't my orders being posted as cash back rebates?
  2. Why can't I get past the login page?
  3. Why does my popup window say I'm not logged in?
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